Into My Musical Soundscape

This is a compilation of my favorite tracks and hopefully you can enjoy my choices! 

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After her regular program finished the audience wanted more! This is her 4th and 5th (final) encore she treated us ! She literally electrified the audience! How many curtain calls was that!? (@carnegiehall 5/16/13)

I got her autograph!

I got her autograph!

Getting Yuja Wang’s Autograph

Tomorrow will be a big day for me . I always admired how Yuja plays piano with sincerity and playfulness. I will attempt to get her autograph tomorrow at her Carnegie Hall performance. If I succeed I will have fulfilled one big wish in my life!!


Johann Strauss II - Voices of Spring, Waltz, Op.410

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Khachaturian: Masquerada, suite from the incidental music for orchestra (or piano) - V. Galop

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Rubbing Shoulders

In the city, people drift so easily in and out of each other’s lives. When anonymity is generally assumed, we can go from being strangers to friends to strangers again without any hang_ups or hurt feelings. It’s a good thing of course, as I write this, I wonder if any of you see me from time to time, without me knowing it. Maybe





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